Welcome to Tangible Products Company.  We are in the business of distributing innovative products and services for the construction industry throughout the United States.  Through years of experience in contracting, engineering, manufacturing and marketing we evaluate prospective products and select those that offer real value to our ultimate customers — the installing contractor and the building owner.  Some of our products are:

EcoFoot logo

Eco Support Products — these are an innovative line of rooftop support products       for ductwork, piping, VRV/VRF equipment, catwalks and other equipment.        Primarily a non-penetrating support system, we have built in features to allow anchoring and sealing the product to single-ply roofing assemblies.

Spiral Elbow  Spiral Elbows are a cost-effective alternative to traditional duct elbows.  They are made using the same 4-ply spiral lockseam as spiral pipe.  That means they require no sealant, yet can be fabricated from 26 and 24 gauge material.  The result is significant cost savings over traditional stamped or gored duct elbows.

bigwilly_logoIt may have a silly name, but this might be one of the handiest tools an electrician, pipefitter or mechanical tradesman ever buys.  Have you ever had to adjust nuts on hundreds of sections of threaded rod — usually 3″, 4″, even 12″ from the ends?  This handy tool is like having a 12″ deep well socket wrench, except it’s even better — it attaches to your cordless drill.